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The Herb Garden Free Drainage Wormery at £55.00 is a great bargain, like all our wormeries it comes with 500g of worms in a tub with safe bedding.

The Worm Works Free Drainage Wormeryis on offer at £45.00 Supplied with 500g of worms and all the kit 


 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all our wormeries. After using your wormery for 30 days if you decide worm composting is not for you then return the wormery and we will give you a full refund. So you have no excuse not to give it a go.

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Our Products


Bokashi uses Effective Micro-organisms ( EMs.) to ferment mixed food waste. It is then composted or fed to worms. If you have a garden there is no need to put any of your food waste in the bin. Wormeries


If you want a UK made recycled plastic wormery or a wooden wormery you have come to the right site. All our wormeries are made here on the worm farm. We are happy to teach you how to make your own wormery and just supply the worms.


Half your household waste is organic and and worms love to eat it and turn it into worm compost a wonderful garden fertiliser. Adding worm compost to the soil improves fertility. Worms
There are more than 8,000 species of earthworms. Worms are found all over the world apart from areas with the most inhospitable conditions.We breed all our worms on our worm farm in Worcestershire.
EM Products


EM is the abbreviation for Effective Micro-organisms. It is a unique cocktail of five families of beneficial micro-organisms that are found naturally in healthy soil. Schools


We have helped many schools start worm recycling. Some have chosen to use bokashi as well as wormeries. The Down’s School in Malvern is diverting 700kg of food waste a month from landfill.


 Our aim is to encourage and inspire you to turn your food waste into something wonderful, to this end we breed Garden Worms and Composting Worms, and we make a range of recycled plastic wormeries including the Herb Garden Wormery, the Fisherman's Wormery, the Desk Top Wormery, the 80 litre Basic Wormery and the monster 285 litre Wormery. We also hand make a range of Wooden Wormeries. 

 Wormery, vermicomposter, worm bin - there are many names for the vessel that houses worms whilst they get down to the business of producing worm casts. If you are not sure which wormery is best for you phone  01886 832559  01886 832559 or email info@bubblehouseworms.com for friendly advice. We also provide ongoing advice for as long as you need it, we want you and the worms to be happy.                                      

New to the art of worm composting? Then try our Fisherman's wormery,  The carry handle, secure lid and 20 litre capacity make it easy to take the wormery on fishing trips. Only £25.00 A great way to get started vermicomposting or as a children's wormery.

Our Herb Garden range of wormeries are ideal for people short on space, a planter instead of a lid lets you grow herbs on top of your wormery. Large families can buy extra composters, we don't recommend using more than 4 per wormery. The free drainage wormeries at £55.00 are a cost effective way of getting started, they don't have an urn for collecting worm tea but you can always buy that later.

The worm works wormery is another compact stacking system but because of its design you can have up to 6 composters on the go at any one time.


The Desk Top Wormery is the Herb Garden Wormery's baby brother, a fun present for kids and work colleagues.

For larger families, small schools or allotmenteers there is the 80 litre Basic Wormery and the 285 litre Basic Wormery. Both are supplied with harvesting trays which make them as easy to use as a stacking wormery. 

If worms aren't your thing then EM Bokashi is a great way of recycling food waste. EM Bokashi uses naturally occurring, beneficial microbes to ferment food waste prior to composting. For more information look at our Bokashi and EM Technology pages.


We offer bespoke solutions for schools and small businesses. Please contact us for information

Why do I need a wormery?
A wormery is the most environmentally friendly way of dealing with food waste. It enables you to recycle the food waste at source and provides a free fertiliser for your soil.
If you have a garden big enough for a compost bin then you don't really need a wormery. You can put your food scraps in the compost bin and it will do the same job, albeit over a much longer period of time. Some people with compost bins also opt for a wormery because it is more compact, it can be kept nearer to the house, it works much quicker and the worm casts that are produced are more akin to a fertiliser than compost.

Make your own wormery:
For all those DIY enthusiasts out there click on the make your own wormery page for some useful guidelines

 We b
reed our own worms, they  are hand harvested and sent out in a tub containing plenty of safe bedding so that they reach their new owners in peak condition. We provide a mixture of dendrobaena and eisenia fetida composting worms, the two species have slightly different likes and dislikes and we have found that a combination of the two works better in a wormery than either species alone and they co-habit perfectly happily.Because the bedding is taken from our harvesting beds it will also contain coccoons from which baby worms will hatch so the population of worms will start increasing straight away and it is also rich in the micro-organisms that are needed to get the worm composting process off to a good start.Our  wonderful worms will gobble up your food waste and turn it into nature's finest fertiliser, worm casts. 

Our Vision

Our aim is to encourage and inspire people to harness the might of the worm to recycle their organic waste and produce vermicompost. If worms arenít your thing we provide advice on other forms of environmentally friendly food waste solutions. read more...